Friday, March 7, 2014

Rio Carnaval Extravaganza

Brazilian Carnaval beauties bare their breasts or go
naked with body paint and feathers or simply wear
spectacular sexy wild over-the-top costumes to parade
semi-nude with the samba schools in Rio Janeiro in 2014.

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Deborah Caetano

Brazilian model Deborah Caetano, who is the muse
for the Portela samba school and the drum queen for
Nene de Vila Matilde in Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval
("Carnaval" is Portuguese for "carnival").

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Andressa's Boob Check

The well-endowed Brazilian model Andressa Urach, gloriously dressed for 
Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval in 2014, and checking her boob at the bottom.

Melon Woman

Who is this Melon Woman of Brazil?

Renata Frisson (the artistic name of Cristina Celia Antunes Batista (born in Florianopolis in 1990) also goes by the name of Mulher-Melão (Melon Woman), for rather apparent reasons. She is a funk carioca singer and dancer and had a hit with the song "Você Quer?" (Do You Want It?). She became well known in the Carnaval of 2008, when she paraded atop a float of the Vila Isabel samba school. Later she was a princess of the Gaviões da Fiel samba school of São Paulo and a "drum queen" of the Lins Imperial samba school in Rio de Janeiro. She also posed for Playboy. Here are photos of Renata, mostly nude, with her video at the bottom.